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Daniel Heyman

He Hit My Head With a Metal Bar,  gouache on nishinoushi paper, 26 x 38, 2008.jpgCamp Two,  gouache on nishinoushi paper, 26 x 38, 2008.jpgI Also Sold Satelites, gouache on nishinoushi paper, 26 x 38, 2008.jpg Daniel Heyman
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 Daniel Heyman (b. 1963) 

Philadelphia-based artist Daniel Heyman’s prints and paintings tell stories of survival—be it of torture, imprisonment, poverty or sexual assault. Heyman creates expressionistic portraits of these survivors, incorporating their first-person narratives.  For his series of portraits of innocent Iraqi torture victims, he organized interviews with men and women previously detained at Abu Ghraib and other prisons. Heyman also creates woodcuts and large-scale etchings. His work has been featured in several solo shows around the country, and has appeared in publications including the Virginia Quarterly Review and Esquire.  He currently lives in Philadelphia, and teaches at Rhode Island School of Design, Princeton University, University of the Arts (Philadelphia), and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.