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Farah Nosh


Farah Nosh is an award-winning photographer who has covered crises in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, the West Bank, Gaza, and Egypt. In 2006, she was working in Damascus, Syria, when the thirty-four-day conflict between Hezbollah and the Israeli military began in July. At her Damascus hotel, she saw taxis arriving packed with Lebanese families and their most precious belongings. A cab driver told her he charged $500 from Beirut, but he could not charge anyone willing to go to Beirut. She took the ride. Nosh spent the majority of the conflict working in southern Lebanon: “In all of my years as a photojournalist in Iraq, I have never witnessed such a large concentration of death and destruction in so small a geographical area. I will never know fear and sadness the way Lebanon did during the summer of 2006.”



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