Kenyon College

Curricular Connections Film Series: Dolce Assenza (1986)

September 5, 2018 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Film Still from Dolce Assenza (1987)

Curricular Connections Film Series
in collaboration with Simone Dubrovic

This special presentation of Italian film director Claudio Sestieri’s earliest feature-length film, Dolce Assenza, and first US screening of his most recent production, Seguimi, triggers a compelling dialogue with the exhibition Pia Fries about the power of exuberance, ornament, and sensuousness in contemporary art practices. Pia Fries’s paintings entice optical, tactile, and even olfactory sensations, and excite the potential of the medium to enact velocity and primal drama. Sestieri’s films indulge in the visual and sensual pleasures of textures, colors, and decor, and somatically immerse the viewer in the forms and spaces that structure the work. Sestieri overtly exposes the fundamental qualities of his medium, sustaining the viewer’s gaze by concentrating on the forms of objects and spaces, and using their aesthetic qualities to drive his discontinuous narratives; characters are formal devices in his tableaux, which coalesce as flows of oneiric sensations. These artists’ interrogations of painting and film give way to self-conscious and calculated constructions of artifice that allure and confound us in ways that impart radically new aesthetic experiences.

Dolce Assenza (1986)
directed by Claudio Sestieri 

When her housemate Sara disappears, leaving behind a trail of videotaped diaries, Gloria investigates to find out what happened to her with the help of Sara’s would be boyfriend, Vittorio. Claudio Sestieri’s directorial debut centers on this mystery while presenting a sublime reflection on the nature of cinema as a feminine art.

September 5, 4:00-6:00 PM
Community Foundation Theater, Gund Gallery

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Image courtesy of Claudio Sestieri.