Kenyon College

Fall Exhibitions Opening Reception

August 31, 2018 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Come to the Gund Gallery for an opening reception celebrating our Fall exhibitions.

Pia Fries

Pia Fries (Swiss, b. 1955; based in Dusseldorf, Germany) is internationally acclaimed as an undaunted and intrepid painter, whose exuberant paintings integrate silkscreened facsimiles of 17th-century Baroque and Mannerist prints and the gestural rigor and emotional depth of Abstract Expressionism with a contemporary sensibility. Fueled with formidable skill and an adventurous spirit, Fries’ paintings, characterized by audacious color and thick, pulsating pigment applied with brushes, spatulas, and palette knives, represent a hybrid fusion of painting and printmaking, figuration and abstraction, and tradition and innovation-through the lens of the 21st century.

Publishing Against the Grain

Publishing Against the Grain highlights the current state of independent, critical publishing as it exists in small journals, experimental publications, websites, radio, and other innovative forms around the world. It is organized around projects that connect theoretical, social, political and aesthetic questions with a focus on community. While most of the included projects are grounded in a particular place, the scope of the exhibition is broadened to examine projects that focus on how the forces of collective memory, cultural tradition, migration, and dispersal inform identity and shape communities.

CY TWOMBLY: Natural History, Part I, Mushrooms

Twombly’s (American, 1928-2011) unique relationship to his media and wide ranging sources of inspiration, from ancient philosophers and natural phenomenon to systems of knowledge, mythology, poetry and literature has been noted by numerous critics and historians. The artist’s portfolio of ten color lithographs entitled Natural History, Part I, Mushrooms, donated in 2018 to the Gund Gallery Collection by Graham and Ann Gund, feature scientific illustrations of mushrooms with Twombly’s recognizable visual language of notations, gestures and personal meditations, on and between collaged graph and tracing papers.

Public Opening Reception
Friday, August 31, 5:00-8:00 PM

Buchwald-Wright Gallery, Gund Gallery

The Gund Gallery exhibitions and programs are made possible, in part, by the Gund Gallery Board of Directors and the Ohio Arts Council.


Scroll, Issue One cover image, 2016. Courtesy of Scroll.
Pia Fries (Swiss, b. 1955) fahnenbild b, 2012. Oil on panel. 48 7/8 x 66 7/8 inches. Collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz.
Cy Twombly (American, 1928-2011) No. VII, (from Natural History, Part I, Mushrooms), 1974. Lithograph and mixed media on paper. 29 3/4 x 22 inches. Gund Gallery Collection; Purchased with funds provided by Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gund ’63.