Kenyon College

Gund Gallery Art Loan Program

August 23–25, 2017 1:00pm – 8:00pm

Want to have great art hanging in your dorm room?

The Gund Gallery Art Loan Program program gives Kenyon students the opportunity to have a work of art installed in their campus living space. The program fosters a deeper daily appreciation of art as students learn to care for the works, interpret their meanings, and come to understand the intrinsic power of art. A growing roster of loaned works rotate at the beginning of each semester. Through a lottery process, over 50 works of art will be lent to lucky students! You only have between Wednesday, August 23 at 1:00PM and Friday, August 25 at 8:00PM to put your name in the ballot box, so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

 Armstrong_August Dworkin_Untitled paolozzi_willmandesert

How do I participate in the Gund Gallery Art Loan Program?

1. Check out the exhibition on view August 23-25 in the Meier-Draudt Curatorial Classroom of the Gund Gallery. Through a lottery process, over 50 works of art will be lent to lucky students!

2. To enter the lottery, put your name in the ballot box in the exhibition space for a chance to select ONE piece that you would like to live with this fall semester.

3. A drawing will be held and the chosen Kenyon students will be invited to the gallery on Sunday, August 27 to pick a work of art, sign a loan agreement and pay a small $10 (cash/check) loan fee.

4. You will also schedule a time for a team of Gund Associate installers to custom hang the work in your room!  Borrowers (that could be you!) cannot install the work themselves—a trained art handler (Gund Associate) will do it for you.  No exceptions.

5. Enjoy the work for the fall semester and we’ll be in touch to pick it up before classed end.  Failure to schedule the return of the work will result in a $5 per day overdue fee (including weekends).

For more information on the Gund Gallery Art Loan Program, please refer to the Gund Gallery Art Loan FAQ.