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Casey Reas


Entering our world as prints, sculptures, and installations, the ongoing “Process” series of Casey Reas (1972) uses the language of computer code to explore the relationship between naturally evolved and synthetic systems. Reas graduated from MIT’s Media Arts and Sciences program and currently teaches at UCLA. Along with Benjamin Fry, Reas co-authored Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists, an introduction to computer code as a visual medium.

Machines that process information are the digital heartbeats of 21st century society, pumping information from one location to another. Software is the medium that controls this flow of bits traversing the air and surface of our planet. Understanding software and its impact on culture is a basis for understanding and contributing to contemporary society” —Reas, Casey and Ben Fry. 2006. Processing: Programming for the media arts. AI & Society 20, no. 4: 526-538.

Casey Reas
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