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Emma McNally


Soundings, black holes, deep sea maps—see what you can’t see in the dense graphite chartings of Emma McNally (1969). Pulsating and rhythmic, monumental and precious, McNally’s work dances between the macro and the micro. Living and working in London, McNally holds degrees in both English and political philosophy. Her thesis, “Contingency and Constraint,” questioned the role of doubt and certainty in foundations of knowledge.

Her drawings lead us into worlds whose ramifications and layered works recall different essences of reality from the micro cosmos to the macro cosmos.” 2009. Unfold exhibition, on the website for the gallery Nettie Horn.

I would like to do drawings where the weave incorporates these many rhythms of carbon as well as a constant disintegration and shaking that continually prevents the weave from closing and defining.” —Balona de Oliveira, Ana. 2008. Emma McNally: Fields, charts, surroundings (essay). On gallery website of Nettie Horn.

Emma McNally
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IMPRESSIONS: Emma McNally – Kasia.Tatys
4 years ago
Martin Kemp

Emma’s works are mesmerising.
Martin Kemp

11 years ago


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