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Artist: Kiki Smith
Title of Work: Litter (Fireplace Editions)
Year: 1999
Plate Dimensions: 22″ x 30″
 Lithograph in 4 colors with gilding on Arches Cover White paper
Photo Line: © Kiki Smith/ Universal Limited Art Editions, 1999.
Collection Credit: Courtesy Universal Limited Art Editions

This richly textured image calls to mind traditional notions of maternity.  Staring out at the viewer, the mother cat demonstrates an awareness of her new role.  She feeds a litter of kittens, who almost disappear within the mass of fur. The mother cat must be a passive figure: acting as a vessel for her children, she has no occupation other than promoting the health of her litter. The blue background may be a reference to the Virgin Mary, another famous vessel, who is traditionally shown wearing blue. Catholicism is another prominent theme in Smith’s work. 

–Sophia Yablon ’12, Gund Gallery Associate

Caroline Culbert

Hi, the Gund Gallery is a museum and so we don’t sell the artwork we put on view. This Kiki Smith print was released by a publisher called Universal Limited Art Editions in 1999. They may still have copies to sell and you can contact them through their website, It is more likely that you will need to purchase a copy on the secondary market, like an auction house. Best of luck finding a copy of this beautiful work!

7 years ago
Audrey Raulo


I am interested in “Litter” by Kiki Smith.
Is it available to purchase?

Thank you so much,

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7 years ago