Kenyon College

Drape #03


Drape #03. 2008.
Edition 2/6.
C-type print mounted on Dibond.
33 3/4″ x 40 1/2″.
Courtesy of the Artist and Angles Gallery, Los Angeles.


Behind the diaphanous veil of a floral curtain, the pine trees of Sobibor forest are obscured. This delicate handiwork of local lacemakers blooms between viewer and landscape, flattening the foreground and background into a hazy composite of spaces real and remembered. But this scrim is also a shroud, at once embellishing and erasing a horrific past. During World War II, Sobibor was the site of a Nazi extermination camp, beneath which an estimated 250,000 Jewish victims are buried. After closing and dismantling the camp, the Nazi soldiers planted pine trees there to conceal evidence of the genocide. Peering through a lacy curtain or a leafy canopy, we are seduced by the beauty of this scene, and implicated in its violence.

–Virginia McBride ’15
Gund Gallery Associate


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