Kenyon College

Neither Black Nor White


Neither Black Nor White, 2001.
Video for LCD (Color, Silent) 4: 52 minutes.
Courtesy of the Pizzuti Collection.

Blinking red lights perforate a black background, reconfiguring themselves into unfamiliar constellations. As dark hues fade to blue, a city becomes discernible, and the mysterious stars prove merely to be the lights of homes and storefronts. Poised on a cliff in the Jewish quarter of Nazareth, we see once more the Arab town of Iksal, this time stripped of White Light Red City’s sinister blaze. But, even as we adjust to the familiar view, it eludes us, becoming alien once more. Light overpowers the image, bleaching Iksal beyond recognition until the town almost disappears. Atop our perch, the brush along the border alone resists annihilation. Between Nazareth and Iksal, these partitions fall only for a moment before the loop resumes, and the images repeat.

–Virginia McBride ’15
Gund Gallery Associate



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