Kenyon College

Darya Tsymbalyuk


Song I. 2013.
Oil on canvas. 

Song II. 2013.
Oil on canvas. 

Song III. 2013.
Oil on canvas. 

Song IV. 2013.
Oil on canvas. 

Songs V-IX. 2013. 
Oil on canvas. 

Songs X-XI. 2013.
Oil on canvas.


Painting is a soul longing for an answer.

I believe that striving for spirituality is a universal force uniting our separate lives. The human mind is always searching for totality of existence. Even when the figure is painted across several panels the viewer’s mind always reassembles the image, yearning for unity. 

The body is a portrait of our inner realities. In these paintings, I focus on the physicality of the body, but by positioning it on the plain, non-representational background, I invite the viewer to contemplate the way in which the visible, the body, is complemented by the invisible, the spiritual world. I wonder: how does the impermanent flesh reflect our permanent longing for infinity? 

Life is a boat floating between certainty and doubt. The poses depict these alternating conditions of fear, vulnerability or giving, experienced when contemplating the spiritual. 

Human body is a landscape, sometimes stretched out for a touch, sometimes subdued by the fear of impossibility. 

-Darya Tsymbalyuk ‘13

Darya Tsymbalyuk
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