Kenyon College

Edith Willey


A Room of One’s Own. 2013.
Mixed media: found objects, graphite drawings, cut paper, gelatin silver prints. . 12 x 11 x 14 feet. 

I have always been a collector. In varying degrees of organization and intent I have, for much of my life, gathered ordinary items that I find beautiful or otherwise intriguing. Found objects, with their built-in history and sense of personality speak to me more than any other medium. This piece is an attempt to present my collections – which contains items both altered and untouched – in a way that highlights their unique and lovely qualities. Many of the objects on the wall hold a lot of personal meaning and symbolism for me, but I invite the viewer to create their own narratives and ideas of meaning. The volume of items in my piece allows for endless variations of interpretation, each informed by the individual’s unique experience and way of thinking. This piece is as much about allowing the viewer to construct meaning from visual forms and personal references as it is about my own reflections within the piece and aesthetic decisions. 

-Edith Willey ‘13

Edith Willey
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