Kenyon College

Matthew Verticchio


Bedroom. 2013.

mixed media: wood, plastic, rope, concrete. Dimensions variable. 


Bedroom is about sleep, dreaming and construction sites.

The construction site is a unique point in the history of a place. What came before is gone and the new structure has yet to be completed.  But the site itself is no place at all.  While the physical place is constantly changing, its history is frozen.  The construction site is in a period of transition.   To those outside it is merely a placeholder for a structure that does not yet exist, but on the inside it is alive with activity.

Like the construction site, the sleeper too is in a state of transition.  The emptiness of sleep fills the space after one day ends and the next begins.  Like the building under construction, the sleeper is nothing, a placeholder, but reversed.  While the construction is physically in motion and psychically arrested, the sleeper is physically at rest while the mind fills the emptiness with dreams.  

Bedroom is a conduit and an extension of the state of sleep.  While the body rests, the sleeper’s dream fills the space like air filling a balloon.  The motion of the dream is made real with the motion of the structure.  But the two, the dream and the structure, are one and the same.  

By recontextualizing sleep and dreaming in the language of construction, I hope to bring two disparate ideas closer together, so that one might experience both in a new way.


-Matthew Verticchio ‘13


Matthew Verticchio
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