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Annette Messager


Messager, Annette

Untitled (Signatures) (1996)


When we are born, we receive a last name and a first name that will characterize us from the beginning to the end of our life. Our signature is thus important, as it reveals and asserts our personality. It is a sign, it can show a strong-willed personality (be strong or illegible)…Moreover, in the history of art, the artist’s signature always represented the completion of his work.

Try, like me, to write all of your possible signatures on several sheets of paper. Frame them. You will be surprised by the results and by the comments of your friends!

I would like to know how women feel who have changed their names when they remarried

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 1757-Messager,-Annete1782-Messager,-Annete 1786-Messager,-Annete 1761-Messager,-Annete 


Artist: Annette Messager
Title of Work:
Untitled (Signatures)
Year: 1996
Do it Installation Gund Gallery 2013