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Lynch, David

Do It: How To Make A Ricky Board (2012)


This board can be any size you want.

The proportions are dictated by four rows of five rickies.

There should be twenty rickies in all.

Each ricky is, as nearly as possible, exactly the same as every other ricky.

The ricky can be an object or a flat image.

The thing about the rickies is you will see them change before your eyes because you will give each ricky a different name.

The names will be printed or written under each ricky. Twenty different names in all.

You will be amazed at the different personalities that emerge depending on the names you give.

Here is a poem:

Four rows of five

Your rickies come alive

Twenty is plenty

It isn’t tricky

Just name each ricky

Even though they’re all the same

The change comes from the name

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Artist: David Lynch
Title of Work:
Do It: How To Make A Ricky Board (2012)
Year: 2012
Do it Installation Gund Gallery 2013