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Nicolás Paris


Paris, Nicolás



Found Objects

What do you know about your past?

What do you think your town looked like 100 years ago?

What object, plant, or place reminds you of the people that lived in your town?

What things can a town or people leave behind? (Traces, artifacts/ objects, architecture, houses.)

Make a portable Museum of your recent history.

Go outside and pick as many objects as attract you. Come back inside and organize them either by shape, size, and color, or used and new. What other categories can you think of?

We classify objects to understand the world we live in. Objects reflect the nature and practices of our time and space: the atmospheres that are built through our exchanges. Objects may represent an idea, fear, thought, hope of the people who made it (or kept it), and their changes through time.

How would you classify the group of objects you gathered?

Which represent you and which talk about your life with others?

Please, name your portable Museum.

2120 Paris, Nicolas 2112 Paris, Nicolas 2109 Paris, Nicolas 2106 Paris, Nicolas

Artist: Nicolas Paris
Title of Work:
Untitled (2011)
Year: 2011
Do it Installation Gund Gallery 2013