Kenyon College

Shere Hite


Hite, Shere

Instruction (1996)


Embrace an important friend in a full-length hug for 31 minutes.

Contact should be frontal, body to body, full length, with legs, chests, pelvises and heads touching.

Speak a maximum of twenty words each to each other. Do not proceed to other activities or to “sex.”

The room should be silent, without music.

Alternately, videotape your embrace.

There should not be a third party present videotaping; the camera should be set on a tripod with no operator.

After, write your sensations on a large paper or blackboard. Read them out loud.

Name the activity you have just engaged in, using just one word. Mail this word to me at the following address:

S. Hite

c/o Independent Curators

International (ICI)

401 Broadway, Suite 1620

New York, NY 10013

Repeat on a different day, if desired.

Artist: Shere Hite
Title of Work:
Instruction (1996)
Year: 1966
Do it Installation Gund Gallery 2013