Kenyon College

Inland Sea


Inland Sea. 2013.
Mixed media photo assemblage.
15”w x 15”h x 2.5”d.


Short Stories

I have been reading a good many short stories lately, especially the incredible stories of Alice Munro. What fascinates me about short stories is how much of the story is left for the reader to fill in and complete. A skillful writer gives us just enough to lead us in the right direction and to activate our imaginations. I am trying something similar here with this series of photo assemblages. 

Another motivation for this work is my desire to make something tangible and three dimensional. After spending the past few years on an extensive project of digital photography that required countless hours before a screen, I long to make something with my hands, something that is an object and not an image, something I can touch and that may evoke the sense of touch for others. Because they emphasize touch, I often use actual tools here in combination with black and white photographs made “by hand” in the darkroom. I want the combination of the object, image and title to function in the manner of a very short story.

What this work is about is less clear to me. I think this series is has something to do with the precarious relationship we have with nature. It may also be about resolving dichotomies, paying attention, digging deeper, slowing down, finding balance, and letting go.