Kenyon College



Sabbatical Exhibition by Karen Snouffer, Professor of Studio Art in collaboration with artists Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack.

 Subrural is an immersive exploration of the increasing homogeneity and continuing dichotomies of urban and rural environments. This work seeks to address the cultural anxiety experienced at the intersections of these familiar yet unpredictable places and ecologies. Repeated forms in painted plastic and screen are metaphors for the commonalities of the urban and the rural. Contorted, undulating vines; rigid power towers; and swaths of enlarged, disembodied insect wings capture the experience of driving between the city and country. The sounds of insects chirping and the drones of urban life bring the work to tension-filled climatic moments as the power of nature meets industrial intervention.

Subrural is supported in part by the New Directions Grant from the Great Lakes Colleges Association, a Kenyon College Faculty Development Grant and a Graduate Student Association Travel Award from Towson University.

Through March 2

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