Kenyon College

Public/Private Space – Full Screening Schedule

March 21–22, 2014  [+]

A screening curated from the ADF Screendance Anthology Series in conjunction with a series of talks by Douglas Rosenberg.

This curated screening broadly interprets the conventions of public and private behavior through the lens of contemporary screendance, a hybrid form of dance and the moving image. With work from the United States and abroad, and covering a range of approaches to translating dance to the screen, the work addresses public and private displays of affection, conversations about gender and race, loss and intimacy.  What do we say and do in public, in private? And how do our gestures inform how we express difference and create meaningful interactions?  These are open questions. These content driven works for the screen offer a glimpse of the internal lives of performers set in existential, architectural and natural landscapes. Such layered works of dance and film offer the viewer a privileged view of ritual, of private performances in public space and of dance made for the intimate space of the screen.


Friday, March 21   7PM

Program 1: 

Neglect (Director/Choreographer: Dianne Reid)

water burns sun (Director/Choreographer: Petra Kuppers)

Bittersweet (Director/Choreographer: David Rousséve)

Circling (Director: Douglas Rosenberg; Choreographer: Sally Gross)

Conexiones  (Director/Choreographer: Lidice Abreu)   view the trailer

Palomas En El Atico (Pigeons in the Attic) (Director: Alejandro Velbuena; Choreographer: Juan Claudio)

En Cadena (Assembly Line) (Director: Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font)

The Greater the Weight (Directors: Marlene Millar & Phillip Szporer; Choreographer: Dana Michel)   view the trailer

Head2Head (Director: David Mathias; Choreographer: Christina Towle)

Program 1 total length: 81 min.


Saturday, March 22   4PM

Program 2: 

Anamnesis, (Director: Simon Ellis)

North Horizon (Directors: Thomas Freundlich & Valtteri Raekallio)  view the trailer

Soundboard (Director: Kasumi)

Parts Don’t Work (Director: KT Neihoff)

The Time it Takes (Directors: Katrina McPherson & Simon Fildes)   view the trailer

Well Contested Sites (Directors: Amie Dowling & Austin Forbord) 

Pedestrian Crossing (Directors/Choreographers: Kat Cole & Eric Garcia) 

No Trespassing (Director/Choreographer: Daniel Gwirtzman) 

Program 2 total length: 81 min.


All screenings will take place in the Community Foundation Theater, Gund Gallery