Kenyon College



InCUBATE is a research group dedicated to exploring new approaches to arts administration and arts funding. Members of inCUBATE act as curators, researchers and co-producers of artists projects.  These activities have manifested in a series traveling exhibitions called Other Options, an artist residency program, and various other projects such as Sunday Soup (a monthly meal that generates funding for a creative project grant). They don’t have non-profit status, instead they are interested in what kinds of organizational strategies could provide more direct support to critical and socially-engaged art and culture beyond for-profit or non-profit structures.  Their core organizational principle is to treat art administration as a creative practice.  By doing so, they hope to generate and share a new vocabulary of practical solutions to the everyday problems of producing under-the-radar culture.  Currently they do not have a physical location and they work together on an ongoing project basis.


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