Kenyon College



Our content is migration, and our form is art. We produce arts and cultural projects for a global age. Projects that provide voice, visibility, connectivity and opportunity within our world cities. The rapid changes underway in these cities challenge us to explore how our projects can play a part in making a better world. 

We believe that diversity is a wellspring of great opportunity, of all kinds. Our projects recognise, and revel in, the hybridised cultural identities of the contemporary world citizen. 

We work anywhere in the world and online. Our work happens in collaboration with partners, clients and communities. We work inclusively, accessibly and support those we have contact with to creatively express themselves. We have deep expertise in participatory and community arts. 

We’ve won an OBIE award (for Alladeen, 2006), two Time Out Awards, and we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading artists and institutions. In some years, our artworks have reached millions of people across the world – building a genuinely diverse audience that mixes generations and cultural identities. 

We’re a not-for-profit charity with a small core team and a bigger network of collaborators. Our Board of Directors includes people from the spectrum of finance and education as well as the arts; our patrons include artists of international stature.


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