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Feast- Scholarly Articles


Feast: Radical Hospitality , explains and displays important works of art dealing with the themes of hospitality, generosity,  the intersections of these ideas in art, and the moral codes therein, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.  Throughout the history of Art, food and feasting have been laden with symbolic meaning that only adds to our uses of specific meals and dining practices in the present.  The Getty’s analysis of the art of feasting is a excellent historical basis for the works created in art of the 20th century like the The Futurist CookbookFood, and Sonja Alhäuser’s Flying Feast which directly links feasts of the past to the equally temporal feasts of the day.  Feasting in itself encompasses gathering and compassion; as pointed by the essays found in the Feast catalogue and others like Carolyn Korsmeyer’s “Tastes and Pleasures” and in Mireille Rosello’s The Immigrant Guest.  

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