Kenyon College

Feast – Beyond the Exhibition


Has the Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art show wetted your appetite for more examples of food in contemporary art? The Gund Gallery has pieced together several other examples of how feasting and food have influenced the contemporary art scene both in America and Internationally.

  • Eugene Kotlyarenko’s “Feast of Burden” is a mini-series featured in The Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles’ youtube site. This article, with links to the series attached focuses on Kotlyarenko’s influences and why he chose a dinner party to expose the tensions within contemporary spaces and self-indulgence.
  • Feast’s own Michael Rakowitz continues his food-based work in collaboration with Manhattan chef, Kevin Lasko. Spoils, is a food-art hybrid organized by Creative Time.  Similar to Enemy Kitchen, this elevated platform allowed for the take over of an Upper- East Side restaurant; educational in tone, the piece allowed diners to eat off of the same dishware with Sadamm Hussein’s insignia, among other connections to the Iraq war. The project was written about in this Art in America article.
  • Finally, Allegra LaViola whimsically serves up rats to diners in her Lower East Side gallery with mixed results. Urban horrors come alive to the New Yorkers, who are more used to rats slithering under subways, and not on their dinner plate. A different kind of Radical Hospitality.