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Drones and Aerial Surveillance


Drone technology raises important questions about personal freedom, privacy and the ethics of war.  As private citizens purchase sophisticated aerial surveillance gear and governments scramble to add to their military arsenals, we are entering uncharted political and moral territory.

Discover more about the issue by investigating the following:

How the Predator Drone Changed the Character of War

Read Mark Bowden’s article from investigating how unmanned aircraft have changed military tactics and strategies.

A Brief History of Drones

Read John Sifton’s piece published in The Nation examining ethical dilemmas and the history of militarized drones.

Unmaned Aerial Systems: A Historical Perspective

Read John David Blom’s paper published by The Combat Studies Institute Press regarding the military history of aerial surveillance.

Drones and Aerial Surveillance: Considerations for Legislators

Read Gregory McNeal’s paper published by The Brookings Institution Press examining personal privacy, warrants, and civil liberties.

Image: Harun Farocki (German 1944 – 2014), (Still from) Eye/Machine III, 2003. Video, color, sound, 25 min..

Copyright Harun Farocki.