Kenyon College

Michal Rovner


Michal Rovner uses video, photography, and sculpture to express conflict, the cyclical nature of history, dislocation, and human interaction. Her newest images on LCD screens show figures slowly moving through an abstract landscape, ancient and contemporary, disturbing and reassuring. Who are these people, and what land is this? Such details appear unimportant–the place and the movement of people signal the human condition itself. Rovner, who lives on a farm in Israel (and New York City), says, “I regularly see the processes of life sprouting from the ground and on to the land. Also, being in Israel, [I’m] always aware of the presence of history . . . and the presence of both construction and destruction. It’s intense, encountering different layers of time, and feeling the footnotes of people and history. It’s wonderful, though, because there’s a continuity in this.”


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