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Type A (American collaboration, established 1998)


Type A is the collaboration of Adam Ames (American, b. 1969) and Andrew Bordwin (American, b. 1964).

By focusing on ways men compete, work and play, Type A exposes social and psychological imbalance as well as convergence of traditional masculine and feminine characteristics. Whether dissecting sports or political, the results range from psychologically disarming to profoundly absurd.

Initially focusing on competition, Type A utilized video, photography and installation to illustrate the demand on men to be aggressively competitive. If one is “type a,” these challenges are necessary to define one’s character. Type A commented on their consequences.

Soon, focus shifted from antithetical positions adopted by men to survive and succeed to collaborative relationships in which cooperation transcends competition. Individual force, integral to teamwork, can flourish even if the result blurs the self. Increasingly incorporating two separate, contrary influences, Type A’s interactions resulted in a third entity, resulting from physical and psychological interactions. They began incorporating large sculpture and performance.

Currently, Type A focused on urgent socio-political issues: definition of territory and authority, perpetuation of fear and safety. The practice now includes unconventional materials, experiential performance and unorthodox means of distribution. As contemporary society has become increasingly fragmented and unpredictable, so too has Type A’s methodology.

Ames earned a BA in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  Bordwin has a BA in Classical Civilization and an MA in Photography from NYU. Both Ames and Bordwin teach at the Parsons School of Design.


Text from the Type A website. Image courtesy of the artists and Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY.


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