Kenyon College

Ashley Yang-Thompson ’15 a.k.a. Miss Expanding Universe


Go ahead. Ask me one billion questions.


What do you worship?



Who are you talking to?

The poet in me.


What does poetry do?

Poetry makes nothing happen.


But didn’t poetry save your life?

Yes, poetry literally saved my life.


Is poetry therapy?

No way. Poetry is not a therapist just like a lover is not a therapist.


What is a lover?

A terrible distraction.



But suddenly the distraction becomes the art… 

 Art redeems all experience.


Experience redeems all experience!

Now we’re talking.


Who are we talking to?

When you’re a poet everything’s got something to say.


Like the fruit fly in your olive oil?

That fruit fly is teaching me something about myself that nothing else can.


Are you lonely, do you feel like a loser staying in on a Friday night?

I’m alone, not lonely… Oh, of course I’m lonely!


Is everything I do nonsense that will embarrass me later?

I volunteer to be the fool.


Homework: get rejected every day…


Are you nuts?

I’m your local nutcase.



Miss Expanding Universe


Bio and image courtesy of the artist.