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New Episodes of the Art Loan Podcast Now Available


Take a listen to these new episodes in the Art Loan mini-podcast series created by our Gund Associates. Find out why students sign up for Art Loan, the pieces they select, and how they feel about living with the art!

Episode 3: Vahni Kurra ’20 & Mila Frank ’20

A dark background highlights what seems to be drawing of a buck. The deer turns to the right and we see his head in profile and his large antlers. Behind him is an abstracted background of pastels. However, looking at the image reveals it is an altered photograph.

Olivia Parker (American, b. 1941) Game Edge, 1995. Iris inkjet print. Gund Gallery Art Loan Collection.

This watercolor painting is dominated by a field of overlapping rectangular blue and brown shapes. At the center a curvy white oval seems to float, casting a shadow in one of the green shapes. The irregular oval includes a stylized eye at the top and a shock of flame red. This shape is the only red in the composition and looks a little like a rooster's comb.

Todd McKie (American, b. 1944) Silent Alarm, 1977. Watercolor on paper. Gund Gallery Art Loan Collection.

Episode 4: Jenny Jantzen ’23

This image shows a figure looking out at the viewer in front of a bright yellow background. It seems to be a young woman with short, brown hair. Her eyes are in shadow and only the outline of her figure is shown in brown. Surround her is an irregular circle of deep black. It could be a moon or an revered halo, but the title of the work suggests an alternate explanation.

David Hosteler (American, 1926-2015) Girl with Big Hat, n.d. Silkscreen and lithograph. Gund Gallery Art Loan Collection.

Episode 5: Liza Martin ’20

A color photograph of a woman in tones that suggest a vintage print. It only shows the woman from the chin up and most of her head and face are obscured by a large, round hat and matching mask. The hat and mask are covered with rows of sequins in colors ranging gold to bright red and deep blue. The eyes of the mask are surrounded by protruding petals, making the woman's eyes look like daisies. She wears bright oragne lipstick and long false lashes. The photograph buzzes with shine and color, making the viewer think of the glamours fashions photos of the 1960s.

Eduardo Paolozzi (British, 1924-2005) Cucumber Night Cream, 1965-70. Photolithograph. Gund Gallery Art Loan Collection.

Episode 6: Annika Ostrom ’20

This work imagines what an art investment report might look like. It takes the graphics or logos and text of such a report and draws them freehand making the graphs differ in size and the text slant at odd angles. The text seems to be nonsense and is so small at times the viewer couldn't be expected to read it. It overwhelms the bottom of the composition, making it feel like an entire report has been squeezed onto a single page.

Mary Bauermeister (American, b. Germany 1934) Art Investment Report, 1973. Lithograph. Gund Gallery Art Loan Collection.


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