Kenyon College

Carlos Bunga


Carlos Bunga (b. 1976) is a Portuguese installation artist currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Bunga, whose work often consists of nontraditional materials such as cardboard, packing tape, and household paint, is interested in construction and destruction. His art, described as “process-oriented”, ponders the intersections of space, the body, experience and memory. Bunga’s work is described as “located at the point where architecture, painting and performance meet.” This description is aptly fitting to his work featured in the show, Reflejo (Reflection), an installation piece that explores community, performance and the body.


Interview with Carlos Bunga, Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (Occupy)

Hammer Museum, Hammer Projects: Carlos Bunga

“I feel art saved me in a way” Bunga for Collectors Agenda

Feature Image: Carlos Bunga (Portuguese, b. 1976) Reflejo (Reflection), (2013) 2022. Cardboard boxes, tape. Size adapted to the space. Image courtesy of the Gund Gallery at Kenyon College.