Kenyon College

Tony Lewis


Tony Lewis is an L.A. born, Chicago based artist who specializes in graphite drawings. His art explores themes of race, power and language. Much of his work wanders into the realm of poetry, pushing the notion of collage and blurring the boundaries between art and writing. His iconic style includes refurbishing and reinventing old Calvin and Hobbes comic strips as well as exploring wall and floor drawings. His works in the show, …BAH-OOO-BAH-DOO-LEE-UT-N-DOO-N-BOMP-A-DOI-A-BOOBAH-DOODAH-DOODNT-DOODI-A-DOODI-DAH-BAH-BAH… and Untitled 8, survey themes of language and labor. Lewis’ action-based process and interest in language puts his work in nuanced conversation with Serra’s Verb List

“It’s a Call to Action”, Tony Lewis, Artnet